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Originally Posted by SpeedFreek View Post
Actually, as far as I know, BMW has its own ships that carry Euro-produced BMWs west, and US-produced (X5, Z4) BMWs east (so full both ways). So for your car, again, as I understand it, once it arrives in the US, it will be shipped via rail to southern Ontario, then to the province of order. So in that sense, I think it might be possible that Canadian cars do go through the arrival inspection procedure;...or they might just wait to fix anything when the car arrives at the Canadian dealership...sorry can't be more help.

Maybe ask your dealer SA (not salesman) what the process is???

Being from Vancouver myself, I too am interested in what the process is...

***Anyone with specific knowledge of BMW shipping to Canada - please jump in as my knowledge is somewhat limited having never ordered a new BMW for delivery in Canada...
Hmm... interesting, your post is the first that I see (from my searches thus far prior to my posting) that suggests Canada-bound BMWs get off ships in US and then brought into Canada. Do you just "guess" that is what happens? Or you have something to base that suggestion on?

Actually you are also the first that I see that suggests BMW has its own ships... that's kind of hard to believe... again, is that pure "guess"?

The reason I doubt Canada-bound deliveries get into US first is of the export/import procedure; wouldn't that require import into US then export from US into Canada?! Kinda weird to me.

The ship from the German port does stop at several ports including some in other European ports, then cross the Atlantic port at Halifax (where others say the Canada-bound cars get off the ship); then ship moves on to NY port, etc.