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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Have to agree here.

Sorry to Evolve for jumping on you prematurely and assuming it would be cast. I'm sure they are doing a cost/volume analysis (sure hope so!). Perhaps in the volumes considered the high cost of casting tooling outweighs its low machine cycle time. I can't estimate the break even volume where cost would be close but I do think most of the other FI manufacturers do go with casting and they do so to keep costs low. These parts from billet, especially given the enormous amount of profiling with a small bit - I can't even imagine how many machining hours we are talking about here. Please don't do billet just because it is "cool", "high end" or any other subjective categorizations. Make the part at the lowest cost possible and pass that along in your pricing to consumers. The market is full of a lot of competitors!

Also, Evolve: Does anodizing discolor with underhood temperatures?
RE: billet cnc vs cast - I dunno. There are already solid kits on the market from multiple manufacturers. They will have to do something to differentiate themselves. Obviously depends what the cost difference is and overall performance.