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Review:AA SC after a year and half

Its been over Year now since i placed my order for my Active Stage 2 sc. I put the Sc kit on with about 43,000 miles on the car and was averaging about 15.8 mpg highway/city driving.

performance mods on my car at the time.
Fabspeed High flow cats
Fabspeed x-pipe with resonators
Fabspeed Maxflo exhaust.
Ms Scoops
Bmc Air filter
Pc tune.
The Car N/A was amazing felt good on the track and fast in a straight line. But a fellow Friend, many will know him as LostMarine would beat my ass with his RB setup 335i. So I ordered my kit and had it installed by Maximum Psi in New Jersey.My delta for the kit was 140-150 hp gain and 88-91 Tq gains ( picking the highest and Lowest dynos). These gains are with the mods stated above plus active sc.

Performance Mods on my car now:
Fabspeed x-pipe with resonators
Turner Catless.
Active Autowerke Sig Exhaust
Active Green filter
Ms Scoops
Stoptech BBK

After 21,000+ miles with the SC the car is running stronger than ever. I am averaging about 18.6 mpg Highway/ city driving with pushing it and driving like I did before the sc. I have been able to put some nice beat downs on some nice cars that would never expect a four door to beat them. At track (road courses) the car is amazing but at times i will have to ease in the pedal compared to mashing the pedal coming out of turns(when i was FBO). At Pocono i was able to hit 165 in the straight away but i had to brake hard in the braking zone.At the Drag strip the car ran on street tires an ET of 11.2.

I only have issues with having the Active Sc is going through tires and gas faster because i always want to be in boost and hear the beautiful bov's. lol A problem that I encountered by Maximum psi was they left a stock bracket in that held some stock lines. When i was at Pocono Raceway my AC belt got ripped but by the bracket becoming loose due to the G's i was pulling in the turn and had a cel come up. A charge malfunction showed up and my battery wasn't charging because the belt was starting to rip up or was completely gone.

this is the bracket Name:  bracket .jpg
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what was left of the belt.
Name:  shredd belt.JPG
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The best thing about it was i went to my local Napa store and got my replacement belt. Then had my local bmw dealership install it, and also do a leak down test and compression test done. I wanted to see how my engine was after 6X,XXX thousand miles and 21,000+ plus miles of being sced and abused. Both test came back 100 percent perfect, a healthy engine.

When ever i have had a question or thought i had a problem Karl, Rob and the rest of the Active team have always been their to help. I have never met or dealt with a company that cares for its customers and is always willing to help. Hope people on the fence about getting a SuperCharger it helps make life a little easier. It can be with any company you like but i just recommend AA because of my personal experience.

some recent pics of the car.

[ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH]Name:  564846_698216358647_1096367380_n.jpg
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Name:  462328_10100899620125933_1660465333_o.jpg
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Attached Images

Rs7 : 10.624 131.50 with a 1.7 60ft Toyo R888
F10 M5: 11.308 131.96 with a 1.9 60ft Street Tires
E90 M3: 11.2 126.7 with a 1.8 60ft Street Tires

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