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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Because it can be considered a tax, and Congress has the ability to levy taxes.

This is great news for our country.
Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Actually, justice Roberts, casting the swing vote said it does NOT hold up under the commerce clause, but is acceptable as a form of fee or taxation. However, the others had split views of the commerce interpretation along party lines.

What amazes me is how the media has ignored the fact that Mitt Romney brought this into law in Massachusetts years ago, and it continues to be the law here. I know there are constitutional differences between state and federal, but most Americans don't care about that fine point, rather they seem to think that Obama is instituting something "new" and idealogically bad to us.
Thanks. I read that later. So what he's saying is that you can't be forced into an act of commerce (buying insurance), but you can be taxed if you don't. Interesting. I guess that makes it like car insurance. They can't force you to buy car insurance, but driving without it will cost you a penalty.

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