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What a fantastic car - two more videos

Below I have posted links to two videos from first drives of the new BMW M3 done by two Swedish car magazines. The videos mix official footage from BMW with in car footage of the reporters. As the videos are in Swedish they are not all that informative for most people on this forum but maybe you can pick up on the fun these two drivers seem to have in the car. The first video is kind of lame but for what it’s worth……

Teknikens Värld:

In their latest issue of the magazine they say the following about the car:

“What a fantastic car”
“Entertainment für alle” (entertainment for all)
They describe the car as terrific. The steering is described as quick and direct – maybe not in the same league as Porsche but not far from it. This is one of this year’s best rides with good turn-in into corners and that is easily steered with your right foot.
They like the manual gearbox saying that it is good – tight and easy to work with.
They recommend ordering the car with M-drive and EDC.
They conclude the magazine article saying that the car can be everything from silkily smooth to brutal. The car has become easier to live with for everybody. The extra weight is noticeable but doesn’t really hurt that much. They describe the car as perfect for most people in most circumstances but for the most extreme drivers the CSL may be more fitting even if one can have un-describable amounts of fun in the new M3 if one doesn’t have preconceptions about the added weight and the V8.

Auto Motor Sport
(Swedish version of the German magazine)

This driver has more problems with the weight that he describes as quite noticeable when tossing the car from side to side in tight corners. He also mentions that the brakes fade a little. He is lyrical about the engine and calls it “a wonderful machine”, saying it’s edgier than the old 6 cylinder but doesn’t sound quite as mean. Still he describes the car’s sound as absolutely wonderful with a nice tone and weight to the sound. Turning the stability controls off the reporter says the car communicates that this beast you don't play with any way you like. In the end of the video the reporter compares the new car’s lap time around Nürburgring to the E46’s saying that it is 12 seconds faster i.e. 8:10 minutes vs 8:22. I guess the 8:10 was picked up from Gerhard Richter’s mentioning that the M3 can lap the ring in 8:10 minutes without breaking a sweat.