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I know I miss mine. A lot. That said when I at least get into cars with the bigger numbers they flat feel fast to me. A few years ago I rolled with a friend who had an AMG Merc something or other, don't recall now. Turned out that thing was pretty darn fast and he could almost keep up, not that my "shifting like a granny" was helping my cause any. lol We did a swap for a little bit and if we hadn't just been dicing around I would have said it was just as fast. Maybe faster. I guess where I'm going is once your well and truly pinned into your seat and the tach is climbing, exhaust roaring, a little bit here and there doesn't really mean much in terms of how much fun your having as far as straight line performance. I've not been in a blown M3 but I'm guessing the guys driving them are having just as much fun as I was in my Z even if they might see it walk away when the hammer drops.
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