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Thanks Knerdboy! Looks fantastic! nice rims too.

Originally Posted by phusion974 View Post
I see, how does it compare to your previous M3 in terms of handling?
Your getting alot of car for 45k.
Similar actually. Minimal understeer, very balanced. The M3 was the first car I started tracking and its been a couple years since I had mine so hard to compare well. But I prefer the boss steering, M3 felt very electronic to me. The car does have more american feel, longer hood which makes it harder to place and takes getting used to the size. But the car is very solid, tons of feedback especially at the limit. The BOSS has more outright grip I think, stock tires 255/285 pirelli p zeros.

Unbelievable car for the $$$. Lays down so great track times from the magazines so far. Supposed to be 2 seconds fast around laguna seca than the M3 apparently. Claimed weight is around 3650lbs.
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