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They basically did what they have done with Car insurance, everyone must have coverage so those who can afford to pay their bills either on their own of via insurance do not have to pay for those who do not or can not pay. The reason it cost so much is all the people us use medical services the most and do not pay.

The theory is this, if everyone is paying in then it cost everyone less since the risk is lower per person.

The issue is now is if you have insurance nothing changes, if you do not then you are required to have it, whether you want it or not. There is a small group of people who have chosen not to have coverage and do not care to have it, and they are the most vocal along with the group who does not what their tax dollars paying for those for what the reason can not afford insurance i.e the bums and the entitle groups in the US.

I personally have insurance and hardly ever use it since I and my family are healthy, so nothing changes for me, I just hope my insurance cost go down now since ever should be covered and my premiums will no longer fund those who choose not to pay their doctor bills.

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