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Originally Posted by 3_runner View Post
F... this kid. He showed no remorse and is not admitting to the act even after video. I'm glad you're ok but tell your lawyer to change the charge to attempted murder and send him up for twenty years. You sound like you have a good heart and you've given this kid more then enough opportunities to man up, but he hasn't. So f... him.
I second this
he's a rabid animal, and rabid animals deserve to be put down. Jail is too good for repeat offenders.

I'm glad you're ok OP, but this kid deserves to be put away in ass-pounding prison, not given a "second" (this is probably his 100th) chance.
Anyone who carries a weapon like that on probation is obviously deranged beyond salvation.. He won't learn from it and you can be your ass this isn't a second chance you're giving him to better himself, but maybe to go do it to someone else.