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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
If you don't mind me asking, how much did you purchase the car out the door? I mean with taxes, licensing, etc? You could PM me the price if you don't want posting here.

Anyway, I am looking into purchasing a 2013 mustang GT. I also looked at the Boss 302 and have read a lot of good reviews on it. A review coming from a former M3 owner like you really makes my decision harder on whether to get the GT or 302 especially when you said that you liked how the 302 handles better than the M3 at some point in your review.

Btw, very nice purchase man! Can't wait for the trackey review. Any plans for mods?

49,820 out the door. I paid MSRP which was around 44500-45000. I know the dealer I got mine from sold a Laguna Seca for like 30k over sticker (retarded). The santa monica dealers old a regular boss for around 5k over. I know online some paid over sticker but some of the colors that didnt sell well went for 1k under sticker.

I test drove the GT 5.0 right before and I personally would be unhappy in that car. My previous cars were the m3, GT3, C63 and the fact is the GT 5.0 just felt loose and soft to me. The engine is fantastic and fun. But the seats offer no support, although on the 13 GT 5.0 you can get the recaros and the limited slip. But there was too much body roll, pitch and dive. The BOSS is magnificent. Lap times dont really matter to me but they give a clue to a car and the boss is running faster than the M3 so it tells you something. The car is very impressive for the money in terms of performance. And not faster like I hear the old Z06 was, where its fast but uber scary and doesnt give you feed back. The BOSS has tons of feedback, terrific steering, can really tell what the car whats to do and where the limits are
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