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Originally Posted by ///Lyubm View Post
I wish HRE would at least respond to my emails, been waiting for a week.

Denk, yea i've seen pictures of your HREs, is what got me thinking of refinishing my wheels .
Please call us directly at 760-598-1960 and ask for Vince ( Or feel free to call or email me directly at Alternatively, please Private Message me here and I can assist you.

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I like the white on the E93. That looks really good. Powder coating will work just fine. Keep in mind that a lot of wheels shops will say they will crack. That may be true but not overnight. I have had wheels refinished and colored since 1990 and never had any issues. The wheels may crack or be more susceptible in 5, 10, or after 20 years of ownership. Not once in 22 years have I seen with my buddies or my wheels cracking from improper powder coating. Just my observation and 22 years in the industry.
I'm not sure which wheels you have powder coated, but any forged aluminum is sensitive to heat treatment. Cast wheels are less sensitive. It is only a matter of time that a forged wheel will crack from improper powder coating process. It's possible that the 3rd party powder coat company is competent, but from our standpoint we can not guarantee the service/quality of a 3rd party refinishing service. We always recommend that any work on our wheels be handled by HRE directly. That is why it could effect our warranty policy on an HRE Wheel.

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I'd give HRE a call, the times I called I always rcvd great service. I gotta tell you, my pics really don't do them justice. I'll have some pro pics done sometime next month after I put my Dinan suspension on...rolling shots, different lighting, etc...
Your car turned out beautiful. Our brushed finishes are industry standard. The gentlemen in our facility have been doing it each for over a decade and show great craftsmanship.

Check out these videos showing our facility. Our refinishing is done in-house as well.