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Goodbye to M3 Sedan and hello to 550i

56,000 miles.
4 years.

Time to say goodbye to a great car, a no sunroof 6mt sedan, no idrive. Needed o2 sensors and probably brakes in 5000 miles. (let it go for 32k) to a private party.

Said hello to a 550i, loaded with m sport, heads up, and a few other minor goodies.
Didn't try and slalom with the 550i---as I have my S2000, and GT3 for that. But I was looking for a more relaxed ride with the 550i and I got it. M3 seats were amazing, 550i seats..WOW ! Everything swivels and adjusts. Amazing power....400hp 450 torque.

Good and's as big as a boat !
Carbon Black paint...looks like dark blue in some light.

Car leases for what my 08 M3 did, but it's MSRP is 13k more.

M3 good deal for the money. 550i...good deal for the money.

550i is so good, and I am sure M5 is a good deal faster, but this is all the car I need.....and it has an automatic, so my wife can drive it also !

Also leased a new 328i sedan a month ago...crazy stop/start but also a great car.

BMW is making some great cars....not sure if I would want to own them out of warranty, but GREAT cars.