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Originally Posted by El_Duderino View Post
Glad you're still alive buddy. Sounds like it was a close call.

Couple of things: the prominent vein in your neck in that photo is your external jugular vein, not the carotid artery. The carotid artery and internal jugular vein are underneath your sternocleidomastoid muscle and don't generally have surface markings.

Secondly, although there is a chance that this may have been a carotid injury, it's unlikely. Generally, a carotid injury will result in exsanguination and death in a few minutes. Although blood spreading across your shirt is undoubtedly scary and dramatic, a carotid injury usually results in blood spraying in a pulsatile fashion 4-5 feet. Chances are this was an external jugular or, possibly, internal jugular vein injury. Much more survivable.
Sounds legit