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Originally Posted by ibd2328 View Post
Pictures are at the end..

For those of you all who don't personally know me;
I am 25 and teach freshman calculus/ low level math at WVU. I graduated from UVA in 2010, and took a teaching job in Morgantown, WV immediately after graduation. After about three months in Morgantown, I had made alot of friends and was fitting in with the new WV "culture" fairly well, until June 27, 2011.

It was the end of summer-1 and finals week at WVU, so after grading hundreds of exams I ventured out to have some drinks with some departmental members. After watching some college baseball and finishing a few beers, the departmental members and I decided to head back to the office. We then walked out of the sports bar and immediately saw two kids fighting/shoving. Hence, holding our status as "teachers" we felt obligated to break it up. I jump in between the two guys and one scurries away frantically. Next, I proceeded to ask the remaining kid what happened? As soon as I open my mouth, I catch a light shove from the individual.

And I am by no means a small guy, I actually look fairly intimidating. I took light notice of the shove and told the kid just to go home so no police report needs to be filed. The kid proceeded to take one step back (like he is walking away) and then took a swing at me and immediately ran off. Feeling no abrupt hit or pain, I turned around to walk back to the office with the staff. As I turn around I start to feet my shirt becoming wet, and thus sticking to me. I look down and I am standing in nothing but a puddle of red. I was wearing a white shirt, so you can imagine the state of shock I am in when I glace down.

At this point I really didn't feel any pain, but I could notice a very different feel on the left side of my neck. I then reach up to check my neck and my fingers literally feel my carotid artery.

Someone in the bar called 911 and i was rushed to the closest hospital. The individual had caught my throat with a box cutter, when I thought he was trying to punch me. My carotid artery (what takes blood to the brain) had been cut and my jugular had a 1mm gash in it. I was going in and out of consciousnesses while waiting on the ambulance. It was quite obviously I thought I was going to die, but had no control over it so I just continually prayed.

I was rushed to Ruby Memorial Hospital (West VA. University Hospital) where Dr. Lewis performed emergency surgery. It was a miracle... I woke up the next morning alive and well, no paralysis from the blood loss and no life threatening side effects.

Sorry to waste your time, just wanted to let everyone know how fragile life is and to enjoy and cherish ever minute of it.

This picture was before the accident and you can see my Carotid artery sticking out (pretty damn big artery). This was severed and I wont even get into how far blood is gushing/squirting.

That was a year ago, and the scar is barley visible today. The cut was dircetly in the crease of my neck so its hard to even tell I was cut, visually.
Glad you're still alive buddy. Sounds like it was a close call.

Couple of things: the prominent vein in your neck in that photo is your external jugular vein, not the carotid artery. The carotid artery and internal jugular vein are underneath your sternocleidomastoid muscle and don't generally have surface markings.

Secondly, although there is a chance that this may have been a carotid injury, it's unlikely. Generally, a carotid injury will result in exsanguination and death in a few minutes. Although blood spreading across your shirt is undoubtedly scary and dramatic, a carotid injury usually results in blood spraying in a pulsatile fashion 4-5 feet. Chances are this was an external jugular or, possibly, internal jugular vein injury. Much more survivable.
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