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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Lon thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. To be clear, lets say I order a 19X10 wheel, If I'm understanding you correctly, I can increase the standard concavity HRE has designed into the wheel by specifying that i want you HRE to increase/decrease the offset. In other words I can have you guys go above and beyond the standard specs of concavity for your 19X10 by having you guys play with the offset. Is that correct?

Obviously there's a limit though. There's only so much concavity that can be added before the wheel structure won't support the weight.

I'm looking for the absolute most concavity I can get. What's the max concavity you can achieve on a 19x10, and 19x 10.5?


p.s. your mailbox is full
For the E90/E92 M3, we can get the low profile for both the 10" and 10.5" fitments even with big brakes.

The profile will be the same between the 10" and the 10.5".