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Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
I don't know if I should even respond to this one lol. But that one mans experience is extremely qualified, having owned both, a professional racing career and now as an instructor, as well as that opinion being backed by anyone who knows wtf they're talking about. And I personally know some M3 guys on this board that get to the track A LOT. Kaiv and OC3 are two examples.
Yet you can get another qualified person's opinion about the same vehicles and get a totally different perspective. For instance, the two members in this thread who disagreed about how easily the M3 and GT3 can be thrown around a track. There ya go...

Wow, two whole examples of tracking by how many M3 owners of this massed produced car??? Look, talking about the track sounds cool and all but, the majority of M3 owners are too anal to even attempt to challenge their warranty let alone risk wrecking their sh!t on a track, so spare me the racing dramatics.