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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
he said Buell's were considered "street fighter" bikes as well, but some of the bikes that ya'll mentioned above are really super naked.

what's the different between a naked bike and a street fighter !??!
to me any bike without a fairing, is a naked bike (i.e SV650 or Monster, but not cruisers or choppers). but there are many people who define it differently.

a street fighter to me, is a sport bike that's stripped of all it's plastic and fixed up for hooligan street riding but also capable of doing everything a sport bike does on the street. in the past, guys would take crashed sport bikes and remove the broken parts, and fix them with other goodies on the cheap but usually wouldn't replace the fairings knowing they would be broken again. now bike companies are on the trend and good examples of street fighters from the factory bikes like the Triumph Street Triple and Ducati Street Fighter 848 which are loosely based on the Daytona and 848 Evo.

Buells are not street fighters imo, because they're not based on sport bikes and do not have sport bike engines.

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