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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
"Science" and popularly accepted fact once proved that the earth was flat, it also proved that the earth revolved around the sun. I wouldn't place any "faith" in what we have currently decided we "know".

For the logical, science and direct observation folks--try answering any of the most profound "why" questions. You'll soon run out of our very sparse facts and miniscule understanding of the universe. Only leaves one way to put it all in a perspective understandable by humans--faith.
The very beauty of Science is that it is not fixed and unyielding in it's assertions. It may start out thinking something is correct, then as we advance, and get a better understanding, science is quick to change it's official position on things. OK, the earth is NOT flat, update the textbooks, and move on. It's continually challenging itself; it ENCOURAGES the challenging of beliefs. If you have a better explanation, then great. They dont rigidly hold on to beliefs despite contrary evidence and ostracize those who seek to ask for proof.

As far as the why goes, I'm not sure how embracing such a belief system actually provides answers to "Why".
Why are we here on this planet? I don't know. I'm totally cool with not knowing, I dont lose any sleep over it at all.

If I felt the need to fabricate some fairy tale to placate my mind, and say "well, God put us all here", that still would not help me sleep better, because the left side of my brain would fire up and say, "OK, but WHY did God put us here? Why is there a God? If creatures are too complicated to be the result of evolution, and could only be the product of intelligent design, then God must have created us, but then who created God? I mean, after all, if humans are too complicated to result from spontaneous evolution, then surely the entity which created us must be even MORE complicated, so it's even less plausible that he could exist without an intelligent creator, so who created him? And then who created the entity which created God? And so on... And why did all this happen ?

People say they embrace religion because it provides comfort and answers, but to me, it just creates more questions than answers.... I find that more unsettling than comforting.