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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
So much GT3 leg-humping. Maybe it's the name, or perhaps the lack of availability that has so many people blushing. The car is hot. No question. But again, the 911 Turbo will dismantle the GT3. The Turbo is faster, AWD, and far superior as a day-to-day car.
No, it's just not, I'm assuming you don't get to the track very much. There's a PCA national instructor over at rennlist who's home track is VIR, probably the biggest HP track in the country, who owned both a 996 turbo and a 996 GT3. He was one full second a lap faster in the GT3, same tires-no mods on either. I will quote his words on the comparison between the two.

"If it makes you feel any better, I went from a GT3 to a Turbo and then back to a GT3 (and a 1/2 dozen other stops sprinkled in the middle). The Turbo was an amazing car, but it was such the epitome of a "GT" car. And that's GT as in "Grand Touring" luxobarge, not "GT" as in race bred. One is homologated from the fluffy mattress factory for doctors to drive to the hospital in style and comfort and the other is homologated from a race car to provide an experience that only a select few can ever begin to learn what makes a GT3 special."-LVDell
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