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Originally Posted by ibd2328 View Post
So far, him/his lawyer have declined all plea deals and plan to fight the charge. His defense at the prelim was. "It was not me". He was actually on probation for felony drug charges(at the time of the incident), so either way, if he accepts the plea he is gone on both charges.

Also, to this day he or his family has yet to have any sort of remorse. The video clearly shows him, so I can't logically see why he is denying it. I offered the plea deal only on the circumstances; he man up and admit, take the rehab courses, pay med bills, and do < time than the max.
Whoa, now I'm even more surprised that you tried to work with him.

No remorse, repeat offender, tried to actually take your life... You are good for what you're trying to do in working with him, and I'm not trying to change your mind, but do you believe he can recover to be a productive member of society after all you've seen? Do you worry at all that once he gets out early as a result of your working with him, it's possible he'll go ahead and actually kill someone?