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Originally Posted by attila View Post
No its not!! The M3 is way easier to drift than the GT3! The GT3 has a tendency for lift off oversteer, from which is difficult to maintain a drift. Power oversteer comes with lots of throttle imput and difficult (for me) to maintain. The M3 is so much easier. My expereince with the GT3RS is that I can correct understeer with minimal lift of, i can correct lift off oversteer with throttle and countersteer, but if I am in a power oversteer situation in the dry I had it! Spin out 8/10. With the M3 I can get it back easier.
Can you comment a little more on the differences between driving the M3 and GT3 on the track? I've heard that driving a GT3 (or any 911) is a little more difficult at the limits. Would you say that's true?