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Originally Posted by ibd2328 View Post
They had initial charged him with Malicious Wounding- (WV law is 1-5yrs).
However, I told the prosecutor if the kid agreed to pay for medical bills (~40k), take anger management, and rehabilitation courses, I would not push the sentencing.

I believe in second chances, but only if he is willing to take responsibility and gradually progress towards being more responsible and mature. He will likely spend less than 2 years, assuming he takes the plea.
I'm sorry you feel that way. IMHO, second chances are not for violent offenders who have committed the crime that you describe. He was trying to kill you.

Hopefully he doesn't actually kill someone after being given a second chance.

A bullet to the head is the only rehab he needs IMO, but the whole event has nothing to do with me, so my opinion is pretty worthless anyway. Congratulations on being a bigger man about all this; I can't even imagine how hard it must have been and still is.... In the end, you lived and kept the ability to function fully, so I guess that is what's really important.