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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
E90 M3 to F10 M5. Can't wait!

Anyone looking at XKR, 991 etc clearly has no need for a sedan. I need 4 doors so it's a no brainer. As far as the Panamera goes, I don't like the rear center console preventing 5 passengers. Also, as previously mentioned the styling on the Panamera is love or hate. I prefer the look of a proper saloon.

All great cars however in their own right! ð
If Porsche makes a proper 5-seater sedan without trying too hard to make it look like their 911, it would be a viable option for me. I prefer the big NA V8 in their Pana GTS. I just can't stand the hideous looks and the 4-seater arrangement. I don't need the crazy power in my M5. Sure, it's a lot of fun, but i would rather have that power in a small tight package.
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