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Thanks, a lot of good info to consider.

No, do not run with dsc (or anything else on).
My car is teched very carefully each time prior to track events, with particular attention given to brakes. Nothing of interest occured until we noticed the excessive (when compared to others) wear on the right front pads. The caliper did not move as freely as it should, which brought attention to the pins. When I could not get new pins where my car was teched, I changed pads back to stock, ran the event, then took the car to the Dealer for service. There, they removed both front calipers, inspected them, cleaned and lubed the pins. Stock pads returned to the box, new PF 01s were installed, and I am now off to the track.

I agree, heat is most likely the enemy. Ventilation will be added very soon, particularly with my added track schedule using the E92.

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