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Ok I have gone down the route Evolve with my M3 E92 :-)

When I got my M3 a few months ago I had already set my mind to get some sort of tune for it.
Contacted a few of the Swedish tuners and got so fuzzy answers so didnt dare to use any of them.
So I started to read all the forums I could find about tuning the M3 engine.

After a few weeks it was quite clear to me that for me it was either Evolve or ESS.
What made me choose Evolve I can honestly say was the fast answers from Imran and Sal! I Had and might have a lot of questions before I choose a tune for my beloved car. I want the best and safest option!
As I said I contacted Evolve (Imran) and got a very fast answer and didnt hear anything from Ess in a few days so of cause I choose Evolve. :-)

Did get the Stage 1 tune first and after a few tanks of fuel I more and more liked it :-).
Picked of so much better than the stock car.

BUT one thing that has been bothering me is that bloody awful cold start cycle!! Cant see why the heck people like it lol.

And did get the info from Sal that I really should consider getting rid of the primary cats to got for the Stage 2 map.
And so I did :-). Milltek backbox, no primary cats, a K&N filter on the car and a file order from Sal with.

.Stage 2 file
.No Cel light
.No Start up cycle :-)
.No Speedlimit
.98octane fuel (european octane!!)

And I have to say the tuning solution from Evolve is just superb!! So easy to use and fast as well.
I tune a lot of bikes in my work by going inside stock Ecu and that is just a pain compared to this solution.

The first thing I noticed was of cause a normal idle! wooohooooo at last a normal sounding car. No more idiotic airpumps and crap.
So so nice.... :-)

Still need to get the car to adapt to this new file and no primary cats but its seems like the car is using less fuel with this new file!?

But it pulls so hard from midrev and up! So much fun! Im used to high reving bike enginges (Work for Yamaha) that having a cars sounding like this is amazing.

Will be intresting to so how I feel when the cars has fully adapted to this new stage.

And what should my next step be? Pulleys?