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Originally Posted by IntegraXTR View Post
Where do you get that Hi Tech wax? Easy to put on?

Lol I'm still laughing at the people arguing about uber expensive waxes. In all honesty, BMW paint from the factory is crap, I can see orange peel on my drivers door and the dealer said that's on a lot of cars (he pointed at the brand new X6M in the showroom). My NSX had a better paint job than my M3 haha. Sigh.

Anyways, back on track...anybody try this out? I can't really try it bc I don't have a black car lol
Well I could have sworn that I got it at the local Kragen but they don't carry it anymore. I've had my one remaining bottle for awhile now and it still has about a quarter left which I will use on a full detail tomorrow so I'm going to have to find this stuff again.

It's the easiest wax I've ever used. Absolutely NO powdery residue when it dries and it comes to buffing off with microfiber. You can even use the stuff in direct sunlight (although I don't recommend that). It really protects for a good while too while remaining glossy.