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Originally Posted by IntegraXTR View Post
LOL! this thread has turned into an e-battle. Everybody uses different products just like how we all use different soaps for our own bodies. What you choose for YOUR car is YOUR choice. It's not like everybody is using Brillo pads to wash their cars (I know someone who actually did lol, THAT I pretty much yelled at him for doing so).

Some of you guys need to let it go haha. It's wax, it may not be the best of the best, or scratch the least, but afterall, it's a CAR. If the owner likes it, leave it as that. We ALL know there's "better" stuff out each their own.

Don't get me started on ppl running replica BBS and Volks haha jk
In my case it'll be rep HRE's lol

Anyway. Yes it's true. I've opened up Pandora's F'n box it would seem. Just for the record, I am talking about a quick detail or spray down after a normal soap n water wash. When I use a wax, I usually do so after a regular car treatment which involves a wash, clay bar and wax using Meguiars Professional HI-TECH Yellow wax 26. That is my favorite wax and it's what works for me.

BUT... that's not the point of this thread so...