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I had an '08 Exige S and it was a blast to drive. I agree with the above comments about reliability (I didnt have any trouble with mine) and about the difficulties of being a daily driver. The visceral experience of the exige is unlike anything else (save except a motorcycle) I have experienced. It really runs out of juice once you hit triple digits, but the acceleration before that is awesome! The ground clearance is really an issue though, and you really have to plan where you are going so that you dont end up "trapped" in a parking garage or in front of a large speed bump that you cant get over without taking out the front of the car. I would highly recommend it as an auxiliary vehicle (which is what it sounds like you want it for). Service and maintenance will be cheaper than the M3 or M5 I would imagine (Im a new M3 owner, so I guess time will tell). They really are great cars, IMHO.