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Originally Posted by Bob Santorini View Post
Yes mate I'm in Derby. Friends keep reporting seeing someone else driving my car ha ha. You had the white one before this one, yes? How many M3s have you had? This is my first. I had an RS4 prior to this.

Haha....I keep being told I have been spotted as well. She all run in and flying matey. It's my 3rd M3, my first was an 08 E93 (convertible) which was great fun. I chopped her in for a spanking E92 (white one) which I ordered from Steve. I only had it for 6 months when I saw a gorgeous santorini blue of 30 sat in the showroom (your car). I nearly bought it but it seemed crazy as mine was new. I decided I couldn't and walked away. 3 weeks later I pleaded with steve to find another which he did, so I dropped my pants for the 2nd time

Cheers Stiggly (aka Simon)