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A few days ago I was driving home and my 2008 M3 had a ridiculous leak from the oil cap. I am talking about the engine and exhaust smoking from the oil burning on the surfaces. At first I thought it was all the track driving I am doing had blown something. I was nervous as hell that I broke something serious.

I got home, popped the hood and there was oil everywhere in the engine bay. then I noticed oil all over the floor.

After cleaning it all up and washing the engine bay, I started the car up and noticed that there was oil seeping out the cap when the engine was revved.

I ended up buying the newer style cap, and that fixed it. However, after some spirited driving this weekend, I am noticing that even the newer cap has a very tiny amount of oil seeping out.

Does anyone know of a good aftermarket oil cap? Or of any methods to improve the seal with stock oil caps?

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