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Originally Posted by M3OwnerHtown View Post
Hey Guys, do you receive a "increased emission" notification when starting up the vehicle in the Idrive monitor? I had this happen twice and first time they couldn't figure it out and reset the computer said nothing was wrong. Then a week later it came back and took it in and they said it was a bad "wiring harness" which was replaced. Then in a months time got the "increased emission" notice again and took it in and found out it was a bad ignition coil on the #3 cylinder but it took a few days for them to figure it out.
When this happened would the brake light come on in YELLOW (not red as if the parking break is actually engaged), the traction control light, and the car go into a limp mode with the rpm red line going up to 5000rpm? This is what has happened to me about 4-5 months ago when I first bought the car, then a couple times a few weeks ago. Brought it into the dealer and they found a misfire code and replaced the Idle control valve and hose. Had it back for a couple days and it did it again and has done it total of 3 times since I 've had it back. Actual check engine light doesn't come on, and when I restart it all the lights go off.