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The best detailing products are not found at the local auto parts store, are they good, sure, but certainly not the best.

Swissvax is not a good example, it's too extreme. There are brands like P21s, Pinnacle, Zaino, Zymol even my new favorite Auto Finesse that are not overly expensive, but certainly much more potent than what is offered at generic parts stores.

Going further, there are brands like Meguiars that have generic products that are offered at local stores as well as award winning professional grade products available mostly to pros and to those who know how to get their hands on it (online).

I think it's a fair criticism to say that most readily available products in your average/generic parts store will not be the highest quality, they will certainly do the job, but there are some more expensive products that are very worthy of their price tag.

That being said, one of my favorite turtle wax products is their tar, sap, bug remover lotion, works like a charm even on waterspots.