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Originally Posted by TTSam View Post
Also found this on a web site that asked Shell Canada about ethanol content..........not sure if it is true - but if it is, I tend to think Shell 91 is the way to go. I have been going out of my way to do the 94 octane thing - but 91 might be the better way to go.

Shell is not planning on adding ethanol to its 91 octane gasoline.

All over Canada, Shell stations that have been converted to ethanol sites carry a maximum of 10% ethanol in Shell Bronze (regular 87 octane gasoline), and 5% in Shell Silver (mid-grade 89 octane gasoline). Shell V-Power (premium 91 octane gasoline) is ethanol free at all Shell gas stations (converted or not).

Thanks for the useful info. Isn't ESSO 91 octane same as Shell since they don't use ethanol in it and use it on 87 and 89?