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Don't even get me started with evosport. I asked them what to order for the c63 coupe. They offered big airbox and pulley and phenolic spacers which come with oem gaskets. After a long wait and delay over a month. I got the airbox which is exactly identical to my airbox. They thought my c63 is us spec. What were they thinking? A 2012 c63 coupe in Saudi Arabia. What are the chances it would be a US spec? Zero chances. They sent me the euro airbox which I have already. $1500 gone to waste. The phenolic spacers didn't come with the gaskets. The pulley didn't come with pulley belt. I informed them about the mistake. They offered to refund or send anything else worth 1500$. I asked for the AFE intake for m5 and 2 pulley for m5. And also the missing parts from my order. After another long wait. I got the order which was missing the c63 pulley belt AGAIN!! And the missing gaskets also. I didn't get the m5 intake. I informed them again. And they finally got the missing belt and the gasket but not the intake for m5. I came to install the parts on the c63, the pulley bolt which was mentioned to be machined to fit the custom pulley, but it was exactly like the stock bolt. I had to machine it myself. And the funny part is that they sent many emails and even called to apologize for the frustration they caused me over the delay. They agreed on sending an m3 pulley in addition to the m5 intake. Till now, four month later, what do I get? Nothing. They don't even reply anymore. That is the 1st time I mention it on public. I am patient and I am understanding and do acknowledge that mistakes happen. But they are calling for this. This is to much. I also did mention that I had a drag race event about a month before I put my order. C63 wasn't ready until 3 month later!
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