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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Personally I would never go back to my STI hatch after owning my M3, the M is just superior in everything, + the engine in the new STIs is very unreliable, I had an 09 and blew up 4 with just stg2 and my neighbor has a 2011 and he blew up 2 and that's just to name a few! Also in stock form I thougt the STI was the most BORING car to drive!
lol no way!!! I had 09 too, it was stg 2, blew up twice, then some turbo boost pill broke and car wouldn't give more than 12psi... stock, it's like driving a civic. Modded it sounded awesome (SPT CB and catless DP), and shot flames, and awd was cool, but... NOWHERE near the m3...