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Mike Benvo Tune Review

Hey guys these past couple weeks I bought a Mike Benvo tune for my catless e92 m3. Great guy to talk to actually cared about your opinions and gave me so much information i couldn't think afterwards. Anyways i went down to have the ECU be read, so mike can go back and adjust my flash accordingly. While there i found out that Gran tourismo is awesome and mikes setup is sweet!

Back to the important stuff, I have 2011 E92 M3 Comp package, Rpi scoops, BMC filter, RPI GTM Full system (catless) I thought the car pulled when i had no cats... With the tune? It was insanity, i always thought about boosting the car and once i got the Tune i was like jeez this is perfect. It is smooth all throughout the powerband. The sound even changes because of the timing with the cams. It went from a beast sound to a more exotic and ferrari like beast sound.

My first impression when i drove it down the street was, "Hey Mike are you sure this is tuned it feels the same?" We pulled out and he said well get on it. I slammed the throttle down in second gear and good lord it threw me into my seat were as before it didn't do it as savagely. I was very impressed that was in second gear... I did a U turn and WOT in first and DSC flashed for like 10 seconds, and the car seemed to take off. I almost see his tune as a Vtec once it hits, you better hold on, anything over 4.5k you can tell is a big big big change. Below that you can tell but not as much as over 4.5k.

At the moment Mike set my redline up for 8600, and i can tell you that at that RPM It screams like a F1 car. I also opted for the cold start removal, top speed limiter removed, and when the car is first started for example in the morning my rev limit now goes down to 4.5k and slowly starts to warm up from there down. I cant wait to go back for Coding.

This car turns your car into a complete monster, i was so impressed I have already referred 4 of my friends there. I honestly think that I am in a different car, the car just wants to keep pulling and pulling. Well Done Mike, any BMW I buy or friends buy i will make sure you get there business and you know i will always be a customer ! This guy knows his stuff and is at competitive pricing compared to other tuners! Will get a Dyno soon! Till then Im Loving the Benvo Power!
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