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It doesn't get any easier than this, you'll love it!

1) Jack up corner, remove wheel.

2) Remove the bridge bolts that are visible on the caliper face (x4 on ST60,
x2 on the ST-40) with the 4 or 5mm(?) hex key that came with the kit.
I usually remove them in sequence starting from the top down, since the
bridge is spring loaded it can pivot on the bottom bolt. Otherwise it can
pinch and bind on one of the middle bolts.

3) Remove the bridge on the outer part of the caliper. My ST-40s just easily
pull straight out. The 60s on front have a very tight fit requiring some
gentle persuasion. I use a long flat screwdriver with a soft rag btw/ the
caliper so as not to chip the paint. It doesn't take a lot of force just a
wiggle to get it started since it is spring-loaded.

4) Spread the pistons apart. I use a GiroDisc tool.

5) Pluck out the pads and insert the new ones.

6) Replace the bridge on the caliper. There is a top and bottom, with an
arrow on the bridge face pointing up. Again, the 60s are tight. Here is
where I get my rubber mallet with the soft rag and gently but firmly tap
bridge inward until it seats flush. You'll see what I mean.

7) Reinsert bridge bolts (Don't lose washers). Careful not to cross-thread or
let them bind up. Use the rubber mallet again if necessary. Tighten w/
hex key to what I would call "firm hand tight" (I don't know the exact
torque specs but they are not load-bearing).

8) Wheel on, lower corner, repeat x 3. Pump brakes to seat pistons after
all four are done. Piece of cake.

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