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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
LOOOL that made me laugh. you know the rims and suspension alone almost cost half the "value" you stated? mid to high $20k sounds about right
Ok ok, my "value" might be on low side, but last December I bought a 2003 M3 with 25K miles, FLMS half cage, KW V3 suspension, BBK fronts, stainless steel brake lines, racing seats with harness, HK, No Nav for low 20's.

Blue book for an M3 with 25k miles was about 24k IIRC. If you added the mods my car had (as your reply suggests), we'd have been looking at low 30's. Since most people don't want to pay extra for mods, most sellers that I run across return the car to stock and part out the mods separately.

KBB for M3 with 45,000 miles is in low 20's. I don't think the mods listed justify the pricing you suggest.

I think low 20's is probably more reasonable, but I bet the seller is expecting something closer to high 20's.

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