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Originally Posted by rumelk View Post
Hey peeps,

Was driving down the dual carriageway when at the lights, a mercedes c class pulled up next to me, thinking it was a crappy 320d i decided to to give it the beans as he was egging me on too.

Little did i know it was a c63 amg..........

I could not keep up with him, felt rather deflated.

Now i need to know what mod can i do without spending an arm and a leg to make that merc eat my dust!

All suggestions welcome....
C63s vary in terms of general acceleration. An early model with torque converter and 451 HP will run very close with a current M3 coupe with the auto, while the latest wet-clutch models are measurably quicker, and with power pack quicker yet.

Think something down within tantalizing reach of 12 seconds flat in a quarter mile, at very close to 120 mph +/- with power pack. You're around a second slower than that, and he's running away at the end.

To take the latest, hottest C63 on, you'll need a fair bit of money, or nitrous. That extra weight in the convertible really hurts at low and middling speeds.


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