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Originally Posted by Templar
Using a QD spray is better than no spray at all. It's just as dangerous to the paint as washing is. Let's face it, no one is absolutely perfect when washing their car. Both washing and using a QD spray has the chance of leaving some light marring on the paint.

The QD acts the same as a lube and lifts dirt. It's better than nothing, and perfectly acceptable as an in-between wash type thing.
This statement is totally false. Quick detailers do not lift dirt. All you are doing is dragging all the crap sitting on the paint around and lifting it with the microfiber towel. As a result, you are severely scratching the clear coat.
Not the same as properly washing the car. First of all, all loose dirt and debris is sprayed off the car with the initial rinse so you won't be dragging that crap around when using a wash mitt. And even better when using a pressure washer.

The only time I recommend using a QD is right after you wash and dry the car for touching up some water marks. (especially after using untreated water)