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Originally Posted by YolkyPalky View Post
Like others said, E93 will get smoked by almost any decent high performance car due to its extra weight (imagine 10 of the 45lb/20kg gym weight plates in the trunk of your car, that's how much extra weight you are hauling in an E93 vs E90/2).

Secondly, as others have also said, there's no replacement for displacement. Hard to beat 6.2 liter displacement with a 4.0 liter, there's just too much to overcome without spending loads of cash, and even then not sure it's really worth it as there will always be some other stock car that can smoke your ass.

Tbh i cant imagine there'd be a huge gap between the E93 and e90/e92 m3. Only difference is, mine (e93) has a little bit more weight to lug around, (agreed) and the v8 can be heard a lot clearer.....thats what sold me the e93.

I do agree with you with regards to the displacement differences. 6.3L compared to 4.0 is optimistic. Although the road conditions were terrible, (no excuses here, just stating fact lol) i was reluctant to drive it very hard. The M mode/power buttons were also all off, cant see that making much difference though.