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^^you just answered Jamie's question. This thread is dead because you guys turned it into a shit show by continuously bagging on people. You still are bringing up and issue that took place over 6 months ago.

I'm not choosing sides and I'm not saying what's right or wrong because I'm not confrontational nor do I wish to burn bridges. But was it really that big of a deal to you guys that it still pains you to this day? I'm trying to be the voice of reason here. Think about it from someone's view other than your own.

This thread/group started out as a cool way for us to talk with locals and organize meets where we can talk about our common interest. And recently all you guys have used it for is to take jabs at someone's character and now someone's family I know you guys would not be happy if people were bringing your family into something. This is supposed to be a positive thing, if you can't deal with one part for the greater good than stick to this rule. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it. You dont have an obligation to post in this thread, just keep it to yourself.

Be civil, enjoy peoples company and let's talk about BMWs and cars for once! Lol

Like I said there is no reason to present a counter argument as I am not arguing and I'm not going to respond. I'm simply just offering a different way of looking at a situation.

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