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Originally Posted by TTSam View Post
From Petro Canada Web Site..............(pay attention to the last paragraph regarding ethanol)

Ultra 94

Is Ultra 94™ sold at Petro-Canada still the same fuel that I purchased at Sunoco?

Yes, Petro-Canada is pleased to add this great brand to its array of high quality gasolines. All of the performance and octane benefits remain unchanged.

Where can I purchase Ultra 94 fuel?

Petro-Canada will add Ultra 94 to selected Petro-Canada™ branded sites, which will have street signs that identify the site as one that carries Ultra 94. In addition, Ultra 94 is available at Sunoco sites that converted to the Petro-Canada brand, in order to continue to serve loyal Ultra 94 customers. You can search for Ultra 94 locations using our Site Locator.

Why is Ultra 94 not available at the Petro-Canada site I use?

Availability of Ultra 94 is based on a variety of factors including distribution and local market demand. In 2010, Ultra 94 was added to 46 Petro-Canada sites. In 2011, Ultra 94 will be available at over 60 additional locations and we are evaluating future expansion.

What are the benefits of Ultra 94 fuel? What does higher octane do for my car?

Ultra 94 offers high octane fuel at gas stations in Ontario and Alberta. Its formulation surpasses the CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) performance requirements for super premium gasoline.

Ultra 94's higher octane ensures you always get the maximum horsepower, maximum acceleration, and maximum performance from your vehicle, even under tough driving conditions.

Like all Petro-Canada fuels, Ultra 94 is Top Tier certified; in fact, it significantly exceeds Top Tier performance criteria. This higher detergency level will actually clean your car's fuel injectors and intake valves, and keep them clean. Cleaner engines help provide optimal fuel economy, reduced emissions and maximum performance year-round.

Does Ultra 94 contain ethanol? Does Petro-Canada still offer an ethanol-free gasoline?

Ultra 94 contains ethanol. Due to the fact that various fuel grades are blended at the point of sale, most grades of Petro-Canada fuel may now contain up to 10% ethanol. This represents a change from the previous state, where premium fuel was ethanol-free at Petro-Canada.
Also found this on a web site that asked Shell Canada about ethanol content..........not sure if it is true - but if it is, I tend to think Shell 91 is the way to go. I have been going out of my way to do the 94 octane thing - but 91 might be the better way to go.

Shell is not planning on adding ethanol to its 91 octane gasoline.

All over Canada, Shell stations that have been converted to ethanol sites carry a maximum of 10% ethanol in Shell Bronze (regular 87 octane gasoline), and 5% in Shell Silver (mid-grade 89 octane gasoline). Shell V-Power (premium 91 octane gasoline) is ethanol free at all Shell gas stations (converted or not).