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Kmarei - Thanks for the info, i just saw your response now....i forgot to subscribe to this thread. I took my ski pass hardware out of my trunk this weekend so i could get some measurements of what i could fit in firing through the ski pass, only can fit a 10" it looks like. I'm gonna build a custom box either way, whether firing thru the ski pass or back towards the trunk. Im just hung up on which way will sound better. Thru the ski pass would look cooler, but Im not sure it would sound as good. As you said, the 10" facing backward sounded better than the 13tw5 facing forward, although there was many differing factors....hmmm. Right now Im leaning towards a 10w6 facing towards the trunk with a custom box that utilizes the volume of the "tunnel" from the ski pass area, while it is a small amount of volume, I'll still gain about .25cf from it. If all things were equal, box volume, speaker type & size i wonder which would sound better...towards trunk or thru the ski pass?