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Originally Posted by 1BMW335
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Times have changed, yet they haven't. Audis are still belt-driven and, as I understand it, the engines must be lifted for a timing belt change. That's only one example, but I do know that my indy mechanic grudgingly approves of my BMW habit and talks me away from Audi whenever he can.

I haven't seen statistics for lease versus buy on BMWs recently. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that short-term leasing has overtaken long term ownership. Still, the most economical way to own an expensive German car is to buy CPO at about 2 years old and hold until about 90,000 miles. Prove me wrong.

Agree; I find myself looking at the new MB models more than Audis. I like Audis but I don't trust them.
Check your info, there are still engines out there belt driven, but their newer engines are chain driven. Back when you got your 2005 BMW maybe, but the majority are chain driven now. They have a bigger variety of engines in Europe, so there may be a few that are.
That's great news. Can you post a source, though? A quick Google suggests that the newer Audi V8s are chain driven, but I'm not seeing anything about the 2.0 or the 3.0.
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