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Looking for DIY on StopTech pad change

I've had my StopTech ST60/ST40 setup for over a year now and have been very happy with it. I initially did a couple of sets of the StopTech Street Performance pads, and now I've moved on to Pagid RS29s.

It's time that I learn how to swap pads myself, especially since the StopTech caliper design makes it so easy. I'm looking for a DIY guide to the procedure, specifically for a StopTech setup. I looked in StopTech's faq section on their site, but found nothing regarding instructions for swapping pads, and I haven't found anything on this forum or the rest of the web detailing the procedure for StopTech calipers.

Anyone know of a link, or is anyone willing to type out a DIY for this? (Maybe Richard @ M-World?)