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Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
You are definitely on to something. How many people can truly drive their car as fast as it can go? But you should NOT feel guilty because honestly, the M3 itself is already such a high starting point. If you wanted to do it right you would need to sell that sucker and go buy a miata or an s2000. If your experience is better because of what you have done to the car then that's all you need. If your mods make you more comfortable pushing the car than that's worth something as well.

If you want to take some of the ability away, back off on the tires. That is where people SHOULD feel guilty. Most people go to r-comps way too soon, until your car on street tires your b*tch than stick w/ those cheap V12's.
I don't know exactly what you said at the end but I agree with the tires point in general. Go to street rubber and practice going faster. I think it's more fun to drive the car as fast as possible vs chasing a number. Besides, sticky tires just wear you and the car out sooner. I've never understood people who run really sticky tires at HPDE...not DOT tires, but slicks and such.