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Originally Posted by jakc View Post
New ones are shinier

RS5s start at around $70K last time I checked. Priced around the same but I was hoping Audi would evaluate the lessee differently than BMW.
The issue with an RS5 is that most (if not all) will be sold at MSRP. With limited allocations and first year release to the USA, it's a sellers market. In addition, historically, Audi Financial does not have the best lease rates. You need to have a combination of a low money factor and high residual.

Another poster mentioned going with a used M3. This is a good idea. Assuming that you have the $15k cash for a down payment, this would be (roughly) 30% toward an M3 with a sell price of $45k. This would lower the risk from the bank's point-of-view and could provide you with the payment history to support a future lease.

You would still have a great car just with some miles on the odometer. Just be sure to get one that has been maintained.

Aside from the FICO, also look at your DTI. A bank will look at both values for loan approval.