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I am aware of what density altitude is. I'm just saying this will have zero to do with this guys problem. The guy is located in Toronto. I doubt even a 150 degree day would cause a reduction in power worthy of making his car drive so noticeably that it's "crap".

Turbo chargers, at least in piston powered aircraft increase manifold pressure to counteract increases in pressure altitude to make the engine keep sea level manifold pressure to altitudes where otherwise significant power losses would occur. I would say they'd likely do the same in cars so I can't see a turbo powered car performing worse than a NA car when it comes to density altitude.

I would also imagine the fuel injection system on this car is advanced enough to optimize fuel patterns when in comes to altitude/temp. I would say the density altitude argument is pretty moot. Toronto being at 570 feet A 100F day would have a density alt of about Calgary on a standard ISA day- 29.92/15C. We aren't hearing many complaints from out there.
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