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Feel guilting for modding the car to get faster times?

So this has been on the back of my mind for awhile now. Everyone knows the best mod to go faster is to become a better driver. From what I've seen the best stock E9x M3 time at Laguna Seca is around 1:42-43. (You all probably know the fastest stock M3 time for your local track as well.) Right now I have an Akrapovic Evo with ESS software, KW V3' and Pilot Sport Cup tires. I'm running 1:48 at the track. Obviously I have lots of improvement to make, but even when I do eventually get to the low to mid :40's I feel like I'm cheating because of the mods. Any of you feel the same? I know there are some mods that are more for safety (but also help provide better performance) like upgrading brake components, but I'm talking about mods like suspension, power mods, aero, tires, and weightloss.

So my point of this thread is, do you think it's feasible to be able to get close to the stock record times while being stock or is being able to drive that well just a pipe dream for most of us? Or maybe it's more about not risking driving the car at 10/10 to get that kind of time? I'm just curious about what some of you more experienced guys think about the whole subject of modding the car vs improving yourself as a driver.

I love modding my car and it makes it so much more fun to drive, but I also feel like with each mod I add, I'm raising the bar for the time I expect myself to be able to get. I want faster lap times because I'm becoming a better driver, not because I'm making the car faster. Thoughts?
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